Axion Lighting Launches DMX Booster & Splitter

Axion Lighting is excited to officially announce the launch of our new DMX Signal Booster and Splitter.

This device is designed to enhance your lighting control system by boosting and splitting DMX signals for long-distance transmission and to support more than four Axion DMX Decoders.

Features include:

  • Designed and manufactured in the USA!
  • 5-24v input
  • Two outputs with independent signal amplification
  • RJ45 connection for input and output
  • LED indicator for power
  • Compact and durable enclosure
  • Easy installation and operation

Whether you need to extend your DMX signal over long distances, split it to multiple devices, or both, the Axion DMX Signal Booster and Splitter is the perfect solution. It will ensure reliable and consistent communication between any DMX devices, including non-Axion Lighting branded units.

We have been hard at work incorporating feedback into our control system drivers. The latest FREE drivers are always available on our resources page. We support the following platforms:

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