New Control4 Driver Supports Daylight Agent and Effects Feedback

Axion Lighting is proud to announce a major update to our free Control4 driver.

Since our engineering is all in-house, we are able to take your feedback and work it into new control system drivers or even firmware. For example, we had several requests for the new Daylight Agent in Control4. We delivered! Now your customers can take advantage of these automatic adjustments in the color temperature throughout the day.

That’s not all though, additional enhancements include:

  • Updated network logic to send commands more reliably.
  • Added support for updating the RGBW dimmer drivers while effects are happening. Now the UI will update as the color and levels change.
  • Daylight Agent integration.
  • Fixed search type for SDDP so you can drag and drop under the Connections tab.
  • Added a toggle and adjustable timer for debouncing the brightness slider sending a copious number of changes starting in OS 3.3.3.

To download firmware updates, access all our control system drivers, or read one of our industry best practice articles, visit the resources page.

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