Example Installations

Crown Molding Illumination

Give your crown molding or soffits a unique touch by adding strip lights into the area behind the molding. In this instance, you can easily run 18/4 solid core speaker or alarm wire to each section. Up to 16 feet of LED light strip can be linked together with one power supply. Using the 18/4 wire will provide you with 3 channels for color (RGB or three whites) and power. Alternatively, if you just want a single color strip, you can use an 18/2 wire. 

Completely dimmable, this will add a whole new dimension to your ceiling!

Kitchen Cabinet Accent Lighting

One of the most used rooms in your house is the kitchen. Why not enjoy brilliant color for under-cabinet lighting and even add separate accents for the foot kick panel and cabinet tops. Each can be independently controlled and dimmed. 

Using a single Axion Lighting DMX controller, you can link and control all these zones through your control system (Control4, Elan, Crestron, etc.). Imagine pressing a single “Cook” or “Entertain” button to instantly set the color, brightness, hue, and saturation. 

Backlit TV or Projection Screen

Add a unique touch to your media room installation. Whether you have a large screen TV or projector in a theater room, simply adding LED strip lights to the back will not only add a bit of elegance, but also gives the illusion of an even larger screen. 

As with all these examples, you can control every single light strip here with a single Axion Lighting DMX Controller, multiple DMX Decoders, light strips and power supplies. Link the DMX Controller and multiple DMX Decoders together with CAT5e or CAT6 cable and then run speaker wire or security wire to each location. 

No more wireless issues! This system is highly reliable and saves both dealer and client support calls. 

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