Axion DMX Controller Now Supports 16-bit Decoders

The Axion Lighting Wi-Fi and PoE DMX Controllers now support 16-bit decoders!

This update comes by way of a free version 1.3.1 firmware upgrade, available for download on our resources page. Simply save the file, extract the .bin file that is included and upload it to the “Upgrade” tab of the local UI. This new firmware also adds a “Log” tab, making it easy to troubleshoot communication between the device and control system.

Speaking of control systems, we’ve updated our Control4 driver (version 19) with a ton of new features and enhancements.

  • Support for default brightness and color rates added in the latest OS
  • Updated color changing notification for smoother scrolling
  • Fix for scenes being lost when activating more than one advanced lighting scene at a time
  • Added support for 16-bit mode
  • Added a new “Advanced Effect” Device Specific Command so you can mix color transitions as desired.

While you’re checking out the resources page, be sure to read through our two new articles:

  • Why choose 24v fixtures over 12v
  • How to calculate power for LED strip lights

In addition, we have been hard at work incorporating feedback into our control system drivers. The latest FREE drivers are always available on our resources page. We support the following platforms:

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