Axion DMX Signal Booster and Splitter


Boost your DMX signal for use in longer cable runs or large numbers of DMX decoders and other compatible devices. Simple operation, just connect your input and output cables, add between 5 and 24 volts power and you’re done.

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The Axion Lighting DMX Signal splitter and amplifier takes a single DMX512 input and provides two separate outputs. The signal booster can be placed any where in the DMX signal line and will bring any signal drop up to the full EIA-485 voltage level, allowing you do drive longer cable runs or additional DMX equipment like LED decoders. Since it is a 1×2 splitter you can also divert the signal to multiple locations from a single input.


The amplifier will accept an input voltage ranging from 5v to 24v (power supply not included) via the built-in removable phoenix connector. Although reverse voltage protection is built-in, please take care to properly connect the positive and negative inputs. It is highly recommended you disconnect the power source before wiring connections.

Connect the DMX input cable to the RJ45 connector. For reference, the input signals are:

1 – Data +

2 – Data –

7 – GND

8 – GND

Connect the desired DMX output cable(s) to one of the DMX output labeled RJ45 connectors. Once power is applied the power LED should light up a constant green color. If the LED does not illuminate, please verify your positive and negative power connections.

All operation is fully automatic, there are no configuration settings required.

1 year warranty

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 4 in


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