New Product – Axion COB & RGBW LED Strip Tape

We are pleased to announce that Axion Lighting now offers two types of LED strips to perfectly compliment your color lighting installation! Both strips are 24 volt allowing for longer runs with less voltage drop and a higher density of LEDs. They are also both IP65 rated and can be cut down to custom lengths if needed. 

The great thing about these new style strips is that they produce a consistent color across the entire strip. No more hot spotting! Great in applications where you may directly see the strip or the reflection such as under-cabinet lights with granite countertops.

Full specifications on this RGB LED strip

RGBW High Density LED Strip

This traditional LED strip is perfect for more economical installations and has a dedicated white LED built in. High density means it delivers more light per foot than cheaper low-density strips. Perfect if you need accent lighting in areas such as soffits, TV backlighting, shelves, etc. 

Full specifications on this RGBW LED strip

International Shipping

It has been brought to our attention that the automatic shipping calculations on the website for orders outside of the US are quite expensive. In the short term, please contact us or email [email protected] for correct rates.

Control System Integration
In addition, we have been hard at work incorporating your feedback into our control system drivers. The latest FREE drivers are always available on our resources page. We support the following platforms:



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