Axion Lighting DMX Controller Quick Start Guide

The Axion DMX Lighting Controller enables you to fully integrate a DMX512 system via IP without the complexity of traditional expensive counterparts. It also delivers a more reliable solution compared to standard consumer Wi-Fi enabled individual lighting options.

This is a commercial grade solution designed to deliver unparalleled reliability with a specific focus on the best possible control integration possible. Specifically, the solution gives full exposure of DMX devices in Control4, Crestron, Elan, URC, and RTI systems. The overall solution is designed to give our partners highly flexible, modular installation options that can grow as needs and preferences change.

The Axion DMX solution is primarily targeted at both tunable whites and RGB colors, but because it interacts using the DMX512 protocol it will also support many other commercial devices such as motors, lasers, smoke machines, and more.

Initial Setup
Once the controller has been connected to the network, you may either leave it DHCP, configure a DHCP reservation, or assign a static IP address. If you are integrating with Control4, the SDDP protocol is fully supported, and the device will show up in the “Discovered” tab of Composer Pro. If you are using any other control system, it is recommended you either set a static IP or DHCP reservation in your router.

Wi-Fi Setup Mode (Applies to Wi-Fi Unit Only)

When the Wi-Fi model does not have a network association, it will enter an ad-hoc wireless setup mode. This creates up an open wireless network with the name ‘DMX-000000’, where the ‘000000’ varies based on the unit’s MAC address.

  • Join this network and navigate to the local web interface at “”.
  • On the ‘Config’ tab, click the button to Scan for available wireless networks.
  • Select the desired network from the drop down and enter the associated SSID’s password.
  • Click Save and then either click the reboot button at the bottom or power cycle the unit to finish the process.

Factory Reset

To perform a factory reset, simply hold in the reset button, then apply power. This will reset the password to ‘password’ and revert the IP settings back to DHCP. It will also clear the Wi-Fi network association, which will put the Wi-Fi variant back into Wi-Fi setup mode (see above).

The default password is “password”. It is highly recommended that you change the default password via the local UI to maintain the utmost security. This same password is used when integrating to the control system and should be updated in any drivers or modules you are using.

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