Axion Launches New V2 DMX Decoders

Axion Lighting is proud to announce the launch of our new V2 DMX Decoders! Available in four different options; a 4 channel DIN rail mount, standard 4 channel, 5 channel (perfect for RGBWW), and of course a 12 channel that can even act as a DMX Master in stand-alone scenarios.

Explore the Features:

  • 5 Year Warranty: You spoke, and we listened! Our new decoders are backed with a 5-year warranty and designed with quality and longevity in mind.
  • No More DIP Switches: Is it up or down?! Doesn’t matter now; use the integrated buttons and digital display to configure all the settings.
  • PWM Frequency Selection: All of our decoders now offer PWM frequency selection so you can fine tune the output for reduced power noise and LED flickering.
  • Multiple Levels of Protection: The decoders will all detect if there’s an over-heat, over-load or short circuit and automatically recover.
  • Automatic Signal Detection: The new DMX signal detection feature helps you know if there are line or terminal issues.
  • CE, EMC, RED and LVD Certified: Enhanced certifications mean greater peace of mind and install ability into commercial or higher profile jobs.

These new decoders pack more functionality than we can list here. In addition, they no longer have the 4-device limit. A single Axion PoE DMX Controller can now control up to 20 decoders over 2000′ of cable!

The latest free drivers are always available on our resources page. We support the following platforms and have an open API for anyone to integrate:

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