Axion Kiosk App Launcher Now Available

We are excited to announce the launch (pun intended) of our new Axion Kiosk App Launcher Add-On for the current lineup of Axion Android PoE Touch Screens.

At the core this addition will allow you to lock down the Android OS and control which App is launched at boot, however, it also adds so many other great ways to customize your install.

Features at a glance:

  • Set up an admin PIN for the ability to exit and change settings.
  • Disable options like the status bar, volume controls, power button and other apps.
  • Transform the camera on our 8″ model into a sophisticated proximity sensor which will automatically wake up the unit or turn off the screensaver when a person approaches.
  • Enhanced screensaver customizations even allow you to launch another App like clocks, weather, picture slideshows, or websites.
  • Remote management means you can access and configure all these features, even load new Apps using the local UI web interface!

Take advantage of this new add-on by selecting it when you purchase a touch screen, and it will come pre-loaded, licensed, and ready to go.

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